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In association with Cambridge China Centre

Fortnightly on Sundays at 8pm GMT, free for all to attend via Zoom. 

Zoom ID: 821 7602 0991


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Join Janet Z. Wang, author of The Chinese Wine Renaissance (Penguin Randomhouse), fortnightly on Sunday at 8PM BST, for a bilingual virtual wine symposium. It is a fun and relaxed way to learn about wine, and to pick up some useful Mandarin words and phrases along the way too, about wine, but certainly not limited to wine.

Perhaps you are a wine lover and simply enjoy learning and talking about wine.  Perhaps you are studying Chinese, or just want to pick up some words and phrases, then surely this is the most delightful way to boost your conversational skills, not least in social and banqueting settings.  Or indeed, you might be Chinese and want to enhance your skills in talking about wine in English! 

爱好葡萄酒的朋友们, 让我们在一个轻松、有趣的氛围中一起探索葡萄酒的无穷魅力,顺便提升用中英文谈论酒和其它话题的能力。也许您想更加了解葡萄酒,和相关的一些术语,或许您正在学习中文,或者是英文。无论您的兴趣何在,我们云酒会相约!

For more details please visit the Cambridge China Centre Wine Club page here.

Janet is the author of The Chinese Wine Renaissance (published by Penguin Randomhouse and shortlisted for Louis Roederer’s Wine Book of the Year 2019). She is an acclaimed bilingual speaker and writer on Chinese wines. Janet contributes to various wine and general interest publications and has appeared on British national TV & radio (BBC and Channel 4) to present Chinese wine and culture. Janet graduated from the University of Cambridge followed by a ten-year stint in investment banking in London. She started writing and communicating about Chinese wine and culture in 2012.

See Janet’s blog at winepeek.com

Instagram/ Twitter: @jzwinepeek

主持人简介: Janet Z. Wang

华裔作者 Janet 的 《中国葡萄酒的复兴》由企鹅兰登书屋(Penguin Randomhouse)出版,并入选路易斯·罗德勒(Louis Roederer)“2019最佳酒类书籍”奖项。 Janet 是国际酒业作家圈和酒業教育者協會的华人代表成員,經常为英国电视/广播电台(BBC &  Channel 4)和其它媒体平台提供關於中国葡萄酒的文化欄目。Janet畢業於劍橋大學,曾兼花旗投資銀行歐洲能源交易部副總裁,自2012年從事紅酒市場及文化的顧問,宣傳,評論和科普活動。

The Chinese Wine Renaissance, with foreword by Oz Clarke OBE, published by Penguin Randomhouse in 2019, and shortlisted for Louis Roederer’s Wine Book of the Year 2019.


We also offer a mixed case of wines to taste alongside the webinars, should you wish to taste some wines while attending the webinars. There is also an optional discussion forum at the end of the session where you could join Janet and other guests to taste & talk about wines, China and anything else!

The current mixed case on offer is available via the Cambridge China Centre.

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This is a unique mixed case for 2021, offered at a discount to RRP plus free UK delivery to our Note of Mandarin Wine Club members! This case focuses on single varietal wines to highlight key characters of the grape and its Chinese or English terroir.

Find out more and order the case from the Cambridge China Centre.

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